winterblossom soft collection

Hi, welcome to winterblossom soft collection,

we're all about organic and soft on your skin.

Take a look at our spring and summer collection,

and enjoy out tops and tees, available now in our brand new e-shop. 

X Pink 



Because we love soft en because it's spring we're throwing in lots of flowers. 

This long sleeve tee in organic slub cotton is available now in our shop, in navy and white. Just click on the pics. 

Perfect white t-shirt


Organic & soft 

Dragon tattoo t-shirt - new edition

Supersoft heather pink t-shirt

Organic long sleeve t-shirt

Racerback tank top 

Organic tank tops



Why we're soft. 

I have  a super sensitive skin. Can't wear wool or most synthetic fabrics. If I do, I get rashes that won't go away for weeks. I'm always looking for clothes that are comfortable, non synthetic, no wool. I'm fond of softness, loose fit and things that have no tags, clothes that do not itch, briefly.

While I was looking in shops and on the internet, I thought, well, why not start my own nice-to- wear-brand? And so we did, the search became Winterblossom Soft Collection. 

Organic slub t-shirt black

Supersoft koi tank top

Supersoft heather pink t-shirt 


very pleased to meet you here.

We're designing a whole new collection of organic and super soft clothes, all of them comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. 


We'd like to give the world a touch of softness, and something that's good for your skin... Because skins need lots of care, and no irritating fabrics or products whatsoever. 


We're adding some small tattoos on the back side of our tees, made with wooden stamps and acid free ink from Japan.


Take a look at our webshop, we're still filling it with gorgeous t-shirts and clothes. Take a look. 

Hope you like it :)

X  Pink Winterblossom

This tree is awake at night Tee