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Sure it's the flowers, but I also love ombre and vanishing colors, as it reminds me of beautiful sunrises and clear blue summer skies.

While I was making a picture of the vase in front of the white wall, I noticed that the shape of it disappeared a little, as if there was a piece missing. 

Yeah, if there're no flowers around, something is wrong. 

My favorites are peonies, tulips, hydrangea, and cherry blossoms.

It's an early spring this year, hope it's a very long one. 

Talking about vanishing...

This sculpture is made by the American artist Peter Alexander. It's ethereal and a bit unreal, as if it's not completely present. I just love the clean ankles and the almost invisible green. 

It was quite difficult to make a picture of the sculpture, as it kept disappearing on my lens. 

Saw it at an art fair called Independent in Brussels, 2018

This drawing is made by the Japanese artist Mr.

That's Mr. alright, followed by nothing. 

I adore the large mittens and those big eyes, and how this drawing is full of expression (it refers to manga, which of course is nothing but expression). 

Also love the sunlight on the little girl's red hair, and the way these spots of light go on in the trees. 

I love trees. And snow, and the softness of this drawing in either use of color and expression. It's so welcoming :)

This painting is also a cut out, it's made on an inches thick frame and hung on the wall. It's quite large, I think it's life size and it makes quite an impression. 

I find the way the hands and feet work super charming, and I also adore the manga big head small body style. And of course the clear lines and the subtle use of colors.

Seen the works at a large Mr. show at galerie Emanuel Perrotin in le Marais in Paris, on show until March 2019. 

This egg comes from a wonderful animated film by the American artist Rachel Rose. The egg is a real beauty both as a drawing and as a magical moment in the startling stream of images that made the movie, called Lake Valley. 

We went to see to film at paleis de Tokyo in Paris, where it was displayed at a show named Another Banana Day for the Dream Fish, 2018. 

This is an other film still from Rachel Rose's film (Lake Valley, 2016), in which the dreamlike language is very clear, and very seductive. 

Again the remarkable use of color, and the incredible power of imagination is undeniable here. 






All these things, drawings, colors, imagination, Japanese influence will find their way to the Winter blossom collection, you'll see. This is my first one: the winterblossom and the moon tee! Which is not, by the way, an art climax. Gosh no, it's play, but I love to do it. 










Winterblossom and the moon tee, available soon in 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 and 12 years, in my webshop. 

x Pink Winterblossom

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