When it's not quite right

Gepubliceerd op 2 februari 2019 14:22

There's this thin line between right and wrong, and really, sometimes that's the best part of it. When I look around, in the street or wherever I get, or check dress codes by actrices in films and on tv, I always love the ones who are just a little bit out of style. You know, the ones who are wearing a slightly unflattering coat, or an amazing dress in a color that's just not doing it.   

I absolutely adore people who have found their own kind of wrong - not necessarily completely wrong but just a bit. There's nothing worse than having it all right, or looking like you just left the store, wearing all that brand new stuff.  

No. You have to add something, or leave something out. There's much fun in being careless every now and then, and not bother about the way things look. In doing so, you might find a great outfit, for having tried something new without thinking too much about it.

Just try it, it'll be worth it.  


x Pink Winterblossom  🦑

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