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Gepubliceerd op 15 januari 2019 21:48

Ah, no, I don't look like this girl. I don't have pink hair and I don't own a leopard print coat. But I do believe style is about all the things you love. (And if it wouldn't be so much trouble I'd love to have the pink hair. But... it's not about that.)

This morning I saw a woman on a bike, all dressed in purple. She was wearing a long purple skirt (yes, on her bike), a lilac coat and a mauve hat. I absolutely loved it. It was a cold and rainy morning, but that didn't seem to bother her. She made this drowsy  weekday into a purple rain day. 

I also noticed a woman wearing pale blue eye shadow above and under her eyes. It was far too much make up and the opposite of subtle, but somehow the idea was pretty good. 

I must defend the idea of wilfulness. Style is about what you love, without compromising. It might seem easy to know what you love, but really, it's not. So if you do, show it, it's beautiful.  x Pink Winterblossom

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