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Dear friends, we think our skin is very precious to us. We need it all te time, we depend on its wellbeing, we love touch. As a style lover (or like many women, a lover of clothes in all shapes and dimensions) I've always had trouble finding clothes that were soft and comfortable enough for my super allergic type of skin. Yes, every now and then I'm red in the face (perfume allergy), red on the arms, chest and legs (can't wear wool or most synthetic fabrics) or red in the eyes (caused by mohair)... All this trouble makes my skin very sensitive, and that's why I'm always looking for clothes that are easy and soft to wear.  

Considering the issue and thinking about it is an other option. We decided to come up with a Soft Collection: a set of tees, sweaters and trousers made from organic cotton and super nice to wear. There's more to come but it will all be soft. Ahh, wait and see. X Pink Winterblossom

Illustrations Els Fiers copyright

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