Gepubliceerd op 2 januari 2019 17:37

Dear friends, for my very first post on Winterblossom, I made a drawing of a dress by Marco de Vincenzo. This dress has a Charleston style that makes it absolutely glamorous. I love quite a lot about it, 3/4 lengt style, shape, layers and above all I adore the bold use of the pink. Yes I love pink in all its variations, the bright ones and the dusty ones. I love salmon, peach, skin tones, fuchsia and cherry. Here several kinds of pink are used (skin tone and cherry woah) and wonderfully interrupted by brown and black. This dress makes it clear that pink is strong and feminine, and doesn't have to be soft and girlish.

Recently I visited the Hay store in Copenhagen.They had lots of blue and gray shades (for pillows, fabrics, furniture), combined with some pink that stood out beautifully. No doubt it was the most striking color of the shop, and a great match. I'd say don't hold back and use it. Love, Pink Winterblossom 🌸


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